Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcoming My Little Niece~Aliyah!!

This morning I got the kids off to school and right after I got back from taking Kaylee to Pre-K I received a phone call from my mom telling me that I was going to be an aunt again today. My brother's girlfriend went into labor this morning and was now at 8cm dilated. 

Welcome to the family Aliyah
So, my mom, little brother and I headed up to the hospital to welcome her (they were having a girl). When we got there we started talking about labor and having my kids...she wasn't handling the labor pains very well so we were talking about how I handled it or how my mom did. Anyways, I started remembering how amazing pregnancy was for me. I mean there was some miserable moments, of course lol, but just having a life you helped create growing inside of you....it's just amazing!!

And then I thought about the labors I went through, and though I handled them well they were no picnic either, but that feeling that I hot right when they placed each baby on my belly. I remember crying happy tears with each baby and the joy, happiness and amazement that came over me. It was like a rush of emotions but a wonderful feeling. I may not be explaining it well, however it made me miss when my babies were babies. They grow up so fast!! 

Aliyah born 8-28-12 7lb 1oz 19" long
Anyways, after all the waiting and reminiscing my brother, Bill, came out and tol us we just had a 7lb 1oz and 19in long baby girl named Aliyah. I was so excited to go and see her and they told us we had to wait an hour before we could go in!! I was sooo mad!! But, when I finally got to see her I was so happy. She on the other hand wasn't quite so happy, she was trying to eat her little fingers. I think she was hungry so after her bath they decided to top her off with a little bottle. 

She was so tiny with a head full of hair!! It was so cute. And so I have to say that I am pleased to welcome my adorable new baby niece Aliyah to our family! Aliyah got her first bath while I was there and boy did she hate that!

I missed holding a little baby. I mean Dill's taller than me, Kiera is coming real close to my size and Kaylee is going on 5! Babies are just so cute and tiny and I love teaching them everything!

These feelings are making me think maybe we should try for a fourth, maybe another boy to make it even lol. But, we'll see......

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