Friday, September 21, 2012

School Started..Empty Your Pockets!

It's the beginning of the school year and if you have more than one child it can become very expensive!!

We are still in our first month of school, we have regular school and our youngest is in Pre-K, and already have so much going on in both!! The best part is that it ALL costs money!! 

We started with picture day and yes, my daughter in Pre-K had picture day. They should be coming in soon. So, there goes $100 for pictures! You have to make sure you get enough for all the family you know ;). 

Next, we got the fundraisers! Kaylee, in Pre-K, even has a fundraiser!! She is selling coupon books for $25 each, and Dillon is selling magazine subscriptions for the middle school which average $20-$25. So, of course we have to buy from each, then starts the phone calls and visits to the family, friends and neighbors. 

Now, today we have Bike Day at my daughters Preschool where she took in her bike and helmet to ride with her school. She was so excited and well she already has a bike, so this is a free one! Also today though, the middle school is having a carnival and so Dill woke up with his hands out...LOL. I do have to say though, I drove past and was actually jealous!! That fair looked so fun I wanted to go!! We never had those when I was little!!

Anyways, all these events had me thinking about how much the start of school really costs! I mean, this is after the school clothes shopping, new shoes, book bags, binders and school supply shopping! No wonder we parents like the summer so much too!! 

Have a great school year!! The time seems to go by faster and faster so cherish every minute of it!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcoming My Little Niece~Aliyah!!

This morning I got the kids off to school and right after I got back from taking Kaylee to Pre-K I received a phone call from my mom telling me that I was going to be an aunt again today. My brother's girlfriend went into labor this morning and was now at 8cm dilated. 

Welcome to the family Aliyah
So, my mom, little brother and I headed up to the hospital to welcome her (they were having a girl). When we got there we started talking about labor and having my kids...she wasn't handling the labor pains very well so we were talking about how I handled it or how my mom did. Anyways, I started remembering how amazing pregnancy was for me. I mean there was some miserable moments, of course lol, but just having a life you helped create growing inside of's just amazing!!

And then I thought about the labors I went through, and though I handled them well they were no picnic either, but that feeling that I hot right when they placed each baby on my belly. I remember crying happy tears with each baby and the joy, happiness and amazement that came over me. It was like a rush of emotions but a wonderful feeling. I may not be explaining it well, however it made me miss when my babies were babies. They grow up so fast!! 

Aliyah born 8-28-12 7lb 1oz 19" long
Anyways, after all the waiting and reminiscing my brother, Bill, came out and tol us we just had a 7lb 1oz and 19in long baby girl named Aliyah. I was so excited to go and see her and they told us we had to wait an hour before we could go in!! I was sooo mad!! But, when I finally got to see her I was so happy. She on the other hand wasn't quite so happy, she was trying to eat her little fingers. I think she was hungry so after her bath they decided to top her off with a little bottle. 

She was so tiny with a head full of hair!! It was so cute. And so I have to say that I am pleased to welcome my adorable new baby niece Aliyah to our family! Aliyah got her first bath while I was there and boy did she hate that!

I missed holding a little baby. I mean Dill's taller than me, Kiera is coming real close to my size and Kaylee is going on 5! Babies are just so cute and tiny and I love teaching them everything!

These feelings are making me think maybe we should try for a fourth, maybe another boy to make it even lol. But, we'll see......

Monday, August 20, 2012

Budget Friendly Best Wet Dog Foods for your pet

When searching for the best wet dog food on a budget several factors come into play: price, availability, and of course, delicious meal selections! While your first instinct is to run to the local grocery store to pick up dinner for the dogs, there are some more affordable alternatives that can feed your pups on a budget.

School's Already Starting!!

Kiera and Wolfie
Today is my oldest daughter's first day of school! My Princess Kiera has just started 5th grade and I know she will do great! 

Kiera is our little smarty pants, she is always on the honor roll and never wants to miss a day just to get the attendance award! LOL She has always been very dedicated to her school work as well as everything else she does. Kiera always wants to succeed at what she does and we are so proud of all the hard work she does to make sure she has done her best. 

I don't think any mother could ask for a better daughter. She's kind, thoughtful, an excellent sister and helper too. I am so proud to have such a wonderful daughter :) This post is to wish my babygirl a fantastic start to a new school year!! We all love you Kiera!!

Swimming Lessons

My littlest daughter, Kaylee has had two sets of swimming lessons now. Which we thank my husband Nathans' grandfather for finding and signing her up for them :)

She went through the YMCA in our area both times and she has done a wonderful job!! We are so very proud of her for going from being scared to go in without her floaties to not ever wanting to wear them! I couldn't believe the confidence that the lessons gave her, it was truly a fun and exciting experience for Nathan and I as much as it was for Kay, and she was the one taking the lessons.

Her first set of lessons was indoors at our YMCA and were in the spring time. They taught her things I didn't even think of like what to do when you hear thunder or see lightening and what to do if they would see someone in the water in trouble. They made the kids aware of their strengths as well as their weaknesses too which I thought was great. What i mean is they taught them that they are strong enough to help someone in need in the water but not quite strong enough to help them themselves, and that what they needed to do to help is to get an adult, things like that. To be honest, when I thought about the lessons it didn't even cross my mind they were going to teach them these things. 

Her second classes were more recently this summer and were held at our local outdoor community pool before hours. These lessons were more of a hands on swimming experience and she did wonderful!! I definitely recommend to get your toddler swimming lessons if you are able to. It was great for her and she is like a little fish, she loves the water!!! 

Anyways, again we are so proud of her!! way to go Kaykay!!! :) 

Kids Are SO Different Now a Days!!

It's almost like lately I started to realize that kids are getting so expensive now, more than I can remember we'll being. I think it's because technology wasn't like it is now back then. It's like they don't want to go out and get exercise and just play anymore.

I mean I was really thinking about this, I'll start with cell phones, I didn't have a cell phone until I turned 18 and got my own whereas these days it's not normal for kids as young as 10 to not have a cell phone and to boot, they can't just have any cell phone now, it has to be a touch screen smart phone!! 

Next, I am moving onto video games, back when I was a kids we started with an atari, then we ended up with Nintendo's and Super Nintendo's or Sega's and we only had one system! If we were lucky we had a handheld Gameboy too lol. Now my kids have a wii, PS3, DSi, and PSP!! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

IVF Success Rates

When considering In Vitro Fertilization, IVF, the most important factor they consider are the IVF donor success rates. 
According to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, or SART, IVF “Of all infertility treatments available IVF offers the highest chance of success per cycle.” This is great news for women considering infertility options!
IVF donor success rates vary but can range between 30-67% depending on a variety of factors. Some factors include reason for infertility, the lab you use for treatment, the type of egg you choose (donor or own) and age.