Monday, August 20, 2012

Kids Are SO Different Now a Days!!

It's almost like lately I started to realize that kids are getting so expensive now, more than I can remember we'll being. I think it's because technology wasn't like it is now back then. It's like they don't want to go out and get exercise and just play anymore.

I mean I was really thinking about this, I'll start with cell phones, I didn't have a cell phone until I turned 18 and got my own whereas these days it's not normal for kids as young as 10 to not have a cell phone and to boot, they can't just have any cell phone now, it has to be a touch screen smart phone!! 

Next, I am moving onto video games, back when I was a kids we started with an atari, then we ended up with Nintendo's and Super Nintendo's or Sega's and we only had one system! If we were lucky we had a handheld Gameboy too lol. Now my kids have a wii, PS3, DSi, and PSP!! 

Then computers..we didn't have a computer at all growing up. In fact I didn't get my own desktop until I was 19 or 20 whereas now kids have laptop's ipads or tablets, ipods and all other types of computer devices that work and run better than my first desktop did and you can hold them in the palm of your hand!!

Now, my reason for this post is because my husband Nathan and I were talking about when we were kids how we were ALWAYS outside playing ball, games, in the creek or woods. We never wanted to be inside if we didn't have to unless it was winter and  still we wanted to play in the snow!! My kids pretty much have to be forced to go outside and play!! I know it just seems unnatural right!?. 

So, I guess right now my question would be...Is this technology helping today's children or hurting them? I understand that the world now IS technology and that it is important for the children to know, understand and be able to use this technology for their future. It just seems to me that my kids, and I have talked to other mom's who have the same issue, are just unmotivated and lazy compared to what we were as children. All they want to do is go on Facebook, text their friends, talk on the phone and play some sort of video game. 

It's funny too because I swear they text, Facebook and talk on the phone with their friends more than they actually see them!! My husband started every once in a while this summer saying to our kids, "You have 1/2 hour to do whatever you want inside with your gadgets and then you HAVE to go outside and play! Find something fun to do like kickball". We even just built a new shed and it's two stories so that the kids have the entire top story for their own little clubhouse to hangout and play in, all summer they've been in it four times, two of which we were in there with them!! LOL

On the other hand, I do have to say that I myself enjoy the new technology too. I play the PS3 and I also am able to run my wonderful blogs from my  laptop too so it's not that I don;t like or believe in the new technology. It's just that I wonder if we spoil our children too much with it at too early of an age. 

I am sure there are many of you who have an opinion on this sun=subject and I just want  you all to feel free to comment and give us your experience or opinion.


  1. Yes it’s true that now a day’s technology become the necessity of world but somewhere it’s also affecting the childhood activities. And the main thing is their health. The Physical activities are very important for kids. In my opinion schools should include these kinds of child facilities outdoor games activities and we can also make a schedule for kids to play outside. These will enhance their physical strength.

  2. Very interesting topic which should be debated by governments and academics more often. I love the collage you made on the tech items!

    This article illustrates how important it is for parents to control the amount of time children spend with and without technology. I am 47 and I can still remember how addictive video games like space invaders were. Given the improved experience with modern games, kids dont stand a change and need guidance.

    We can mix education with entertainment and many games are now centered around county, reading, problem solving.

    If our kids watch too much TV they get very grouchy. The get even worse when you go to turn of the TV. Its all about conditioning. Good conditioning. Parents should engage in children's play and make it fun so that it competes with TV and other tech activities.

    What worked for us was set times for TV and video games. As with many things if kids know the boundries they are much happier. We have a chart which shows the days and how much time they can play video games. This manages the kids expectation and more importantly reminds the parents about the times so that you dont fall into the trap of inconsistancy to suit the moment.

    Can I suggest one other big difference between kids today and in the past. I think its the biggest thing and explains why kids today are more confident and "grown up". Its the quality of education in pre-schools and primary schools. I cant believe how well we have progressed here in Ireland since I was at school. Its all about developing the personallity which leads to better learning in general.

    Lets hope we can adjust to the new technology sensibly for our kids. The most important decisions you will ever make in your life is the choices you make on behalf of your children.